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Dog Psychology / Pack Leadership



Welcome to K9BreakThru where we bring you and your K9 together for all your doggy needs. We cover everything from behavior rehabilitation, pack walks to private training sessions. 

We focus on dog psychology and pack leadership to create the trust and respect that is needed to effectively communicate with our dogs and have a better understanding of ourselves. We work with individuals, rescues and shelters on creating balance on both ends of the leash.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring balance and harmony to the universe thru the human / K9 bond.



Evaluation for your dog, our goal is to provide the best possible program that fits your lifestyle as well as your dogs needs.  

Fix My Walk

  4-week private class/ 1 hour per week. Works on body language, energy and structure to achieve the tools needed to walk one or more dogs anywhere. Great for dogs who pull, bark, react to other dogs or who shut down and become fearful. Enjoy your walk again stress free! $300

Pack Walking

  Being able to migrate and socialize as a pack burns energy in a natural way and connects with our dogs on a primal level while learning rules and boundaries.

$30 per walk

Private Lessons

  Covers basic obedience and manners, also gives more one on one time dealing with any troublesome behaviors / issues you may be experiencing. We work with your dog’s natural instincts/drives to bring out the best in them. Our goal is to personalize a formula that brings lasting results and balance back into your pack or to stop any unwanted behaviors/issues before they start.

 $100 ,  * 60 to 90 minutes*

Board & Train / Rehabilitation

  Great for RESCUE/SHELTER dogs; dogs with severe behaviors such as: ANXIETY, HYPERACTIVE, HUMAN OR DOG AGGRESSION, OBSESIVE, INSURE OR SHUT DOWN, REACTIVE, FEARFUL ETC. Board & Train works w/owner/household on leadership, communication and daily structure to understanding and fulfilling your dogs needs so that long term rehabilitation can take place.

 1 Wk $900 / 2 Wk $1800 / 3 Wk $2800 / 4 weeks $3500

Day Training

 Bring your dog down for the day for some  1 on 1 training . A day to refresh on rules & boundaries, work on socialization to new places, people as well as other dogs.

$150. for the day



  My passion for dogs comes from some of the best days of my life and thru the worst times of my life and back again. I’ve been a dog lover from day one. It wasn’t until 2004 that I came to understand the power of the human / K9 relationship. I was stuck in a life of addiction and bad choices. I feared reality and life itself. I found my self alone and running as fast as I could, I was lost in a negative cycle of struggles and hard times… 



Dixie was an American Bulldog who started the healing process and kept me alive one day at a time. When I thought I was unlovable, she gave me love. When I wanted to give up on life, she gave me hope. There wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t put a smile to my face or love back into my heart. She was the light that pushed me thru the darkness. Its thru that bond and every other dog that has taken part in my own rehabilitation that I continue to honor the power of that special relationship that takes place between human / K9. 



I’ve dedicated my life to those in need of balance and direction (human or K9). Being able to do what I love and give back to families, the community or to the individual brings me joy like no other. That “Bond” saved my life and continues to bring balance, love and respect daily. I'm proud to say (13 years) Drug free. The human / K9 relationship provides a way of life that holds us accountable for our own emotions as well as our choices “Here and Now”. A way of life that promotes growth and responsibility so that we may continue to move forward and enjoy life’s rewards.

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